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4 Tips to help promote your self-published novel


I was a bit hesitant writing this post at first because what works for one self-published author may not work for another. And no two authors have the same amount of time and resources to dedicate to marketing. Promoting a book can get expensive.

I didn’t want to dive deep into creating a marketing plan, although you must, at least a few months before publication to generate interest. But, that’s another post. I didn’t want to talk about guest blogging – the easiest way to get into guest blogging is to start with your writing circle.

See why I was hesitant? This is not an easy topic. There are lots of options and opportunities to increase your reach. But, a lot of them start long before you hit publish. Sometimes, we find that out too late. What I finally decided on for this post is what I’d like to see or think about when I pick up an indie book. Continue reading

Excellent Ways To Build Relationships With Readers

This is a reblogged post. As we continue to grow and produce, it’s important to remember that building relationships with our readers is key. Have a read. Share your thoughts. I’d love to know how you build and grow your relationships with your community.

Emilie Rabitoy, The Rural Virtual Assistant

Excellent Ways To Build Relationships With Readers

Building relationships is one of the most important things that an author can do in the marketing process. This can be a difficult task, but one that social media can help simplify. Social media helps authors build relationships by allowing them an easy way to interact with readers in many ways. An author can also streamline the way they build reader relationships by creating a community around their work on social media. An additional great way an author can build a relationship with their readers is by participating in events both in person and virtual.

Engagement and interaction with readers is vastly simplified by social media.  At one point in time, the only way an author could interact with their readers was through writing letters. An author would have to read each individual piece of fan mail and respond-an almost impossible task. These days an author can interact with readers…

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