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I enjoy writing cozy mysteries and historical fiction romance. A member in good standing of the Hamilton Mountain Writer's Guild, I find inspiration for my stories when traveling. Whether dog-sledding in Algonquin Park or Fly fishing in Scotland my adventures can lead a reader anywhere.


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What are their roles when you are ready to publish?

Literary Agent

This person is hired by you to help present and hopefully sell your novel to a Publisher in return for a percentage of your earnings from that book.

Acquisition Editor

Editors represent a Publisher’s interest in any deal, not the writer’s. Their job is to get the best deal with the least amount of risk for the Publisher by paying you the smallest amount possible. They are not on your side, if you don’t sell anything they don’t make any money and you lose the opportunity to write for them. Continue reading


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  1. Start small. Try writing a short story. Many writers began that way. A good short story forces you to create strong characters and a good plot with limited number of pages. You need to develop character and plot from the start right through to the finish.


  1. Search for a writing class or writers group near where you live or on line. You can learn a great deal from other writers about story building, character voice and story lines. Other writers can keep you writing when you are feeling doubtful about your skills. They can be inspiring and very supportive.

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