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Hello, I’m glad you’re here. Robecca is the author of romance and paranormal stories. Founder of, she also contributes to and other sites. ~Robecca

Should I spend time developing my social media platform?

Avoiding Writing Disasters 101


Simple answer, yes!

When I first started writing, I had the same questions. Would blogging and tweeting take away from my writing time? How much time do I Spend on social media? What do I blog about?

To be honest, I’m still trying to find the answers to some of those questions. Managing your social media takes time. Time to build loyal, interactive readers. It also takes time to develop engaging content.

How long you ask? That depends on how engaging your content is, if it helps your readers, and how much time you put in.

Done right – setting aside time to blog and tweet – social media can enhance your writing. Think about it, you are constantly producing new material and new words.

As I’m learning in my Building Social Media Relationship’s course, blogging about what interest you make it more likely to produce consistent, interesting content you’ll want to write about.

When publishing, whether traditional or independent, social media marketing plays a huge part in connecting you to your readers and potential buyers. Start building your platform now, develop readerships, flesh out the kinks. Start slow or jump in with both feet. Just get connected.

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