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The Captain’s Lady


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Lady Isabella Pennington’s life is knotted in rumors.

London’s gentry, like most high societies pounce on scandal. Not willing to risk another disastrous engagement, Isabella is determined not to love the wrong man again and plots her re-entry into high society. However, she has never forgotten the rogue Captain Nicholas, or their passionate afternoon years ago.

No sooner than she agrees to be the lady society insists upon, Nicholas makes bold promises of marriage that startles high society, setting a course to awaken desires she’s never known.

Nicholas is no aristocrat. He’s a handsome devil who does not abide by society’s rules. In this marriage of convenience story where prestige trumps passion, will Lady Isabella abandon title for love?

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Sustaining your writing during stressful times—three:

Using small steps

I started posting about this topic a few weeks ago because I was frustrated by my lack of progress. As you can tell, these posts are becoming a regular thing.

If you haven’t read the other post you can find them here:

I don’t mind sharing my journey though, because this process does a few things:

  • Commitment—This is especially true if you don’t have consistent cheerleaders or a writing community. I can’t tell you how invaluable having people who offer support are. These people genuinely want us to succeed.
  • New words—Once a week as I write this update on accomplishing small steps, I’m also being creative and adding new words.
  • Accountability—By sharing my outcome, I’ve committed to seeing the process to its completion because, as an added incentive, I have to report my progress. This means continuing to writing. That alone is motivating.

As mentioned in a previous post, I came across Stick With It, while browsing the internet for ways to consistently see my goals to completion. You should note that I do get tasks done—generally…sometimes, but never in a timely manner. Meeting deadlines is necessary (in my opinion) to sustaining a long healthy writing career. If you write for a living or want to write full time (like me) then we are entrepreneurs and our business is writing and publishing.

My Progress: Week 2

Small steps: Can be accomplished now.

Write daily (no matter the word count). Completed one blog post, added one new chapter to book 2.

Short term goals: Can be accomplished in one week.

Work on marketing twice per week. Working on second cover.

The cover I completed last week. Book one took one year to write and book two was on the same path. That’s why I’m trying this process.

Long term goals: one month

Finish book 2.

Dream: three months or more

Publish 1 story a month starting May – October

Publish 6 titles in six months 

What I’m reading: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life by Sean D. Young.

Feel good story: On this day in history or Instead of selling lemonade, boy sets up drive by joke stand