New Historical Romance

Bring your next read home today. The Captain's LadyROBECCA AUSTIN 978-1-9990032-3-4 Paperback|$12.99 978-1-9990032-4-1 Ebook|$4.99 Lady Isabella Pennington’s life is knotted in rumors. London’s gentry, like most high societies pounce on scandal. Not willing to risk another disastrous engagement, Isabella is determined not to love the wrong man again and plots her re-entry into high society. However, … Continue reading New Historical Romance

Sustaining your writing during stressful times—three:

Using small steps I started posting about this topic a few weeks ago because I was frustrated by my lack of progress. As you can tell, these posts are becoming a regular thing. If you haven’t read the other post you can find them here: Sustaining my writing during stressful timeSustaining my writing during stressful … Continue reading Sustaining your writing during stressful times—three: