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On Saturday January, 27th 2018 I read, Hank Ketcham’s comic strip, Dennis the Menace. I look forward to reading The Hamilton Spectator on Saturdays while drinking a cup of coffee.

Reading Saturday’s entry got me thinking, how do we know when it’s time to set aside social media and join the playground fun? Do we still know how to effectively interact without a cell phone in hand? Is it still rude to tweet during your grocery check-out?

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we can absolutely do both.

Social media is great, I couldn’t imagine connecting with people in different countries, across Canada and the US without it. And the information we are now exposed to is limitless. But, there is something to be said for a classic hello, maintaining eye contact, and holding conversations for longer than three minutes without flipping the phone.

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On the other hand, social media is a big part of our life style.

We form friendships and business relationships with people we interact with on social media that are every bit as real as those forged through in-person interactions. – The Essential Social Media Marketing Hand Book – Gail Z. Martin

The question is no longer whether we should build relationships on the net or not, it’s how real are our interactions.

Dennis The Menace has a point, the playground is the perfect place to make friends. The conversations are face to face, the slide is a lifestyle, bullies don’t hide behind fake names, and to un-follow is a good old-fashioned black-eye.

Should I spend time developing my social media platform?

Avoiding Writing Disasters 101


Simple answer, yes!

When I first started writing, I had the same questions. Would blogging and tweeting take away from my writing time? How much time do I Spend on social media? What do I blog about?

To be honest, I’m still trying to find the answers to some of those questions. Managing your social media takes time. Time to build loyal, interactive readers. It also takes time to develop engaging content.

How long you ask? That depends on how engaging your content is, if it helps your readers, and how much time you put in.

Done right – setting aside time to blog and tweet – social media can enhance your writing. Think about it, you are constantly producing new material and new words.

As I’m learning in my Building Social Media Relationship’s course, blogging about what interest you make it more likely to produce consistent, interesting content you’ll want to write about.

When publishing, whether traditional or independent, social media marketing plays a huge part in connecting you to your readers and potential buyers. Start building your platform now, develop readerships, flesh out the kinks. Start slow or jump in with both feet. Just get connected.

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