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  1. Start small. Try writing a short story. Many writers began that way. A good short story forces you to create strong characters and a good plot with limited number of pages. You need to develop character and plot from the start right through to the finish.


  1. Search for a writing class or writers group near where you live or on line. You can learn a great deal from other writers about story building, character voice and story lines. Other writers can keep you writing when you are feeling doubtful about your skills. They can be inspiring and very supportive.

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What Separates Achievers from Dreamers

As the year gets off to a running start, I’ve already noticed signs of resolution stress. I’ve heard from fellow creators who have a long list of lofty goals and plans for the new year. A couple of them have had some set-backs and are already complaining about missed progress.

I personally don’t think the problem lies with the resolution but being overwhelmed by the type of resolutions we set. My writing colleague, Christine and I were having this discussion a few days ago when writers we knew kept comparing their progress. That’s a danger zone. One writer’s success or progress may not be another’s. Continue reading

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